The formal notice calling for nominations for Office Bearers of the Club for the coming year will be issued on Wednesday, 8 April 2020.

After five years in the role, I will not be nominating for the position of Captain for the 2020/2021 year and will retire from the Board at the AGM. 

In the interests of transparency, I advise that I will be nominating Simon Farr-Jones, the current Vice-Captain, for the Captaincy, Paul Oneile for the position of Vice-Captain and Rob McGuinness for the role of Honorary Treasurer.

Ray Balcomb will also retire from the Board at the AGM. I wish to acknowledge and thank Ray for his service to the Club as a Director for the past six years.

From the point of view of continuity and experience, I am pleased to advise that Andrew Hunter, Alan Brown, Peter Jones and Michael Nethery have indicated that they will be offering themselves for re-election to the Board. 

After careful consideration of the Board’s succession planning and the backgrounds, experience and qualifications of the current Directors, and the possible contributions that could be made by incoming Directors, an approach has been made to both Ben Cribb and Greg Simpson to accept a nomination for the two vacant Board positions and both have indicated a willingness to stand. 

However, I must stress that none of the above does, or should, preclude or deter, any member from nominating for any Office Bearer position.

Stuart Cox

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