Recent communication to Members outlined the tee sheet opening times and format for the 8 days commencing Monday 18 May. Many clubs across NSW and Victoria have also opened tee sheets for an extended period, and there have been reports of performance issues in relation to the MiClub servers not being able to handle an increase in traffic of up to 30 times normal usage.  

The Club discussed various concerns with MiClub yesterday and advised of our intention to open the tee sheets as advertised. MiClub have provided the following advice that is essential for Members to follow and reduce the risk of booking issues:

  • Members are required to log off immediately after securing a booking on a particular day. This is critical, as staying on the website for extended periods will increase the risk of server problems.
  • Members are to only log onto one device when making a booking as the utilization of multiple devices will also put extra load on the MiClub server.

Should website issues be experienced tomorrow morning, the Club may alter the opening times of this week’s tee sheets and any such change will be well publicised on the website, on the tee sheet notes and emailed to all Members.

The published opening times are currently:

We are confident that the increased access to the course going forward will ease the time sheet pressure and we require that members book in an orderly and responsible manner. Over a 1000 18-hole times and 300 9-hole times have been provided for on our weekly time sheet.

Enjoy your weekend and we trust that everything will run smoothly tomorrow.

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